This Year's Plan

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This Year's Plan

So I started in December 2016 through the Christmas rush but still managed to get this website up and running! Now that I am settling into 2017, I have had some time to reflect on the goals I have for

I am writing today because I need your help in spreading the word! We want to donate to someone every month in a meaningful and helpful way to real lives in our community. 

We have not chosen a charity because there is need all around us and sometimes we must open our eyes to see those who could really use a helping hand. 

It still shocks me when I buy a donation bag of food at the checkout without being asked to and the cashier thanks me as if it were for her own family. That reaction saddens me because it shows me that people are sometimes blind to the simple needs of others. 

Help me get the word out and let's give back together, everyday in the best way we can.