Your Feedback

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Your Feedback

With a little over a year since our launch of Give A Boxx, we now have some feedback that we believe is quite relevant to share with you!

It has always been our intention to elevate the gifting experience when you send a gift to your customers or recipients and the reason we started this company in the first place. 

It's harder than ever to keep the attention of our customers and it seems around every corner there is someone else trying to steal them away.

So how do we create a lasting impression and leave our clients we something to talk about it and in turn be reminded of us?

There are a few important things that stand out when speaking about our client relationships.

Creating trust and authentic relationships are what our customers crave and have shared that working with us for their gifting this past year has helped make their customers feel that special touch. In a such a fast paced environment we all seem to live in, it is more valued than ever to be made to feel like you mattered in someone's day enough to take the time to send them a thoughtful gift.  

A hand written card...even just a few words will engage the recipient in a way that exudes personal touch and re-connect them back to the last time you spent or worked together. 

Whether its a thoughtful thank you gift for a referral or a large gift for a special deal or occasion, always remember, its the thought that counts and when you give, the reward is double ended!