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A powerful yet simple daily planner to help you optimize your day, tackle your goals, and be happier.

Comes with

  • 1 Best Self Journal (Navy) Only color available
  • 1 Alpha Soft Touch Pen with Stylus in Black (Stylus for your smartphone)

      The Daily Structure That
      Makes Your Success Inevitable

      • ROADMAP YOUR LIFE: Goals are meaningless without a plan on how to achieve them. SELF Journal helps you create a road map toward the life you want by helping you define your goals and then creating a road map to reach them.
      • ZERO-BASED CALENDAR: Be intentional with your time. The journal time line is broken down into 30-minute segments that allow you to carefully optimize your day so you can do the things that matter most.
      • PRIORITIZED FLOW: Planning your day and prioritizing your tasks can be the difference between having a reactive day and a proactive day. SELF Journal ensures you begin your day with your most critical tasks first so the rest of the day goes smoothly.
      • FLEXIBLE & FREE: Never feel behind. We left all pages undated so that you can start planning your goals and becoming your best self today. SELF Journal was designed to be flexible and friendly to work with.
      • REFLECT + TRACK: Whether it's a new habit you want to add to your life or tracking what you're already doing we have space each day to reflect on wins and learning, and each week for reflection and tracking.

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